Sawtooth Fire Evacuation

On July 11th,  Hi-Dez Kennels evacuated from its permanent location in Yucca Valley due to the close proximity of the Sawtooth complex fire that raged through nearby Pioneertown.  

Hi-Dez relocated to a makeshift shelter at Homestead Valley Park, a small recreation center, in Landers.  The kennels offered to house pets and livestock belonging to residents of evacuated areas.  Families fleeing the fires brought cats, dogs, pigs and horses.  On July 13th the kennels were determined to be clear of fire danger and the shelter resumed operating at the facility in Yucca Valley, still housing animals from evacuated areas.  The photos here were taken at the temporary shelter on July 12th.  

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Hog Wild


An 800-pound hog, a sow, and three piglets were dropped at the makeshift shelter by an evacuating family.  They were housed in the park's playground enclosure where the hog ran ecstatic laps.


A piglet examines the slide.


Dogs and Hogs.  Dogs in a neighboring enclosure didn't seem to know what to make of the pigs next door.

The sow bathed in her water tub.  She then spilled water on the sand and wallowed in it.

Horse Haven
Two evacuated horses grazed in right field on the park's baseball diamond.
Dog Days
Desert summer heat exceeding 104 degrees plagued the makeshift shelter.  Morongo Basin residents donated fans offering relief to sheltered pets.

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